The History Of Making Flour and Why It’s a Wonder We Have It At All

The History Of Making Flour

You most likely think of flour as a straightforward component; nevertheless, did you realize that the history of making flour dates back thousands of years? We had come a long way from the days when people used stones and boulders to pound grain by hand, and a lot of the credit for this achievement goes … Read more

The History Of Rice, The World’s Most Important Crop

The History Of Rice

Rice is one of the earliest grains that man has discovered, and it has consistently played an essential part in history. The rice plant originates from one or two domesticated wild species of Asian rice: Oryza sativa japonica and Oryza sativa subspecies indica. Rice was first discovered in the Yangtze River valley of China about … Read more

The History Of Milk

The History Of Milk

Milk has been one of the most commonly consumed beverages worldwide for centuries. While it’s often associated with children and baby formula, milk can grow by adults too—particularly those looking to get in more calcium or vitamins A & D. While it might not seem like there’s much history behind this simple beverage, there are … Read more