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We’re thrilled to present our new Historical Stories blog series. We’ve been publishing historical stories for years, but now we can share them with you in a new way.

In this series, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the most incredible people who have ever lived. We’ll tell you about their childhoods, what they did during their school years, and how they became masters at whatever made them famous. We believe the following series will help you understand what makes these folks unique—and perhaps even inspire you to do something amazing yourself!

Are you looking for a site that will tell you the stories behind history’s most famous events? You’re in luck! Historical Stories is here to help you learn the history of your favorite things, from movies and books to inventions, fashion trends, and more. We have content on everything from the design of the telephone to the history of the selfie stick.

Historical Stories is your source for everything historical—from news and events to timelines and maps. We’ve got plenty of articles that’ll help you brush up on your history facts or fill in gaps in your knowledge about what happened, when, and where. Or, if you want to learn something new about any topic, we have you covered!

Do you love movies? We’ve got lists of our favorite historical films and guides on how they were made and why they matter in history. Do you have questions about life before modern conveniences like electricity or cars existed? We have answers!

We hope this site helps you better understand how things came together over time—and maybe even inspires new ideas for your projects!